Welcome to Casa Sara, our Vacation Rent by Owner Home on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico!

About Us

I am a San Francisco sailor and retired engineer. I have a new career overseeing family properties. My wife, Wilma is a working artist who shows nationally and internationally. Wilma draws inspiration from being on Vieques and has hung a collection of her own works and works of friends.

Why the Owner Chose Esperanza
They are not making anymore pieces of paradise in the Caribbean. The natural beauty of Vieques was never spoiled by development. Vieques remains lightly populated, the people are open and friendly. It is quiet save for the sounds of nature. Our house is perfectly situated on its lot, only later did we become aware how it captures the trade winds making it pleasant indoors. We like hiking through open fields of wild coriander, exploring the remains of a sugar mill in a jungle setting reminiscent of South America. Enjoying any of the numerous gorgeous deserted beaches. On Sundays we like to look at shells on Green Beach while watching the yachts come over from the Main Island all set against the background of cloud capped El Junque. Isolated as we are, we can quickly get to San Juan and other Caribbean Islands. In 2008 Vieques was awarded best island in the Caribbean.

The Unique Benefits of this House
You are living in a small neighborhood. The morning starts with people getting to their jobs and children going to school. You will probably sleep late, eventually having a cup of coffee in a sunny spot on the bougainvilla draped veranda. You may walk up the street to get fresh bakery bread and sweet rolls. By now the neighborhood is empty and the world is yours, save for the mother hen and her chicks scratching in the yard, a family group of horses ambling down the street, a young lizard peeping out from under a conch shell. By noon all this changes and you will notice the delicious smells of home cooking. After enjoying their luncheon the neighbors will take a siesta, while you may decide to walk down to the Malecon, stopping at the local museum, perhaps shopping on your way to Sun Bay or any other gorgeous beach. In 2009 Sun Bay was voted the best beach in the Caribbean and has been the scene of a wedding or two. Coming home in the late afternoon you will discover salsa and other tropical sounds as Esperanza enjoys the local version of the cocktail hour. By eight thirty all will be silent. Your neighbors go to bed early. You may find yourself sitting on the veranda again, observing the Southern Cross in the night sky or walking under huge tropical stars to see how the fishing is going on the pier or having a drink in any one of a number of small charming bars and restaurants.